Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Monday, I survived the weekend!

Good Morning Everyone!
I had a great show this weekend, sales were up, I was very pleased.
It was very very hot though, over 90 degrees, All vendors got together and decided to call it a day at 3p.m. instead of 5.

Today I am finishing up a couple peices of Stained Glass, I am really loving this venue. It's very exciting, and challenging. Watch my store in a very days, or weeks, lol I will be posting some of my better looking peices.

This week I will be also listing a new Artist Spot Light!!!!!!!!!!! Your going to love this one, very unique Artist, so check back to take a look at the Spot Light!.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Morning!

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!

I am off to do a show this morning. Wish me luck! It is going to be 90 degrees today. The warmest it has been so far is 67 so today will be quiet a jump in temp..

I hope the weather brings everyone out to shop, instead of sweating doing lawn care.

Everyone have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Artist Spotlight

I am a native of Columbus, Ohio. I am the 3rd to the oldest sibling in a very large family. My sewing skills came from my Mom, and 4-H. I was just starting to get back into sewing and creating after the birth of my 2 Granddaughters and the purchase of my home. I began dappling, making curtains and many different toddler outfits.

3 Years ago, my Sister, Cathy got me involved in making Hand Crafted Christmas gifts for our family and friends, boy did that ever start an excitement in me that I haven't had in years.

Knowing that my job at a major bank was in jeopardy as is most people's jobs these days, I started CRAFTED BY TERI. I started out small, with local Craft Shows and Farmers Markets. Then it dawned on me, we have the World Wide Web at our fingertips. You can visit my online stores at:


My inventory is ever changing so stop in and browse often.


Finding beautiful fabrics to work with inspires me to create quality, beautiful and useful products. Knowing that I have created a unique, quality product, that will be enjoyed for years to come, motivates me to keep sewing.


"Do what you love, love what you do and always exceed expectations."

By Harvey MacKay


My ultimate future would be to support myself full-time with my craft. I'm almost there but not quite yet. I would also like to teach my Grandchildren the Art of Sewing. I believe it is one of our lost Arts and fading quicker by the minute. Knowing that I have taught them a useful skill would just thrill me to pieces.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's been a fairly good day!

Wow, I have so impressed myself, ( too funny ). I actually have added links, and applied a Google Search Engine to my blog spot today. Not bad for someone scared of their own shadow HUH? lol

One Step At A Time!

Today I amazed myself. I actually figured out how to change my template ( I like this one much better ) and I learned how to add links. If you would like a link to your store on my blog, email me the information at, and I will see if I remember how I did it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Fear of the Uknown

This evening I am putting some time into learning how to post, update, and add links to my blog. I am very technically challenged, and very afraid I am going to do something I can't figure out how to undo. I will never learn if I don't jump in with both feet so here I go. Does it sound like I am giving myself a pep talk, well I am.