Friday, June 12, 2009

Progressive Diary of Dancing Dolphins Creation

Day 1
Ok, I know, it does not look like I have gotten much accomplished. However, there is alot of prep. work to a project this size. Cutting a wood frame, Drawing all the peices on mylar. Choosing glass colors, type of glass, foil, etc.
Most of the prep. work is now finished, and I am on my way, I am completing the SeaHorse first.
Now if the weather would cooperate, ( it is soooooooo hot in the garage ) this is where I work.
Not to mention life needs to move out of my way, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee you know, the day to day stuff, dishes, cooking, tending the animals.
Hey, Did I mention, my obsession with the computer? Twittering has become a real habit. lol, Wonder who I could blame that on? lol, Yea Yea, getting off here and back to the garage. I did take a fan out there this morning, so working will be a little more comfy.
See ya tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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