Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 18th

I am in Ohio. I have 3 scheduled shows. First one was this past Saturday, I made $10.00, My Sis made $12.00 and my neice made around $30.00. The weather was terrible, high winds, rain, cold, need I say more? lol After holding the tent down several times with the high winds, and dodging rain, all the vendors packed up and went home. I was so depressed, last year at this Show I made great sales. Wish me better luck this weekend with my Friday and Saturday shows. I need gas money to get home, well perhaps this is my sign from the big guy in the sky, maybe I am not supposed to head back to Virginia yet. We will see how this weekend sales go.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Artist Spot Light!

Welcome to the Second Artist Spot Light!

Company Name is : WoodSpirit Gardens

Artist is: Dale Harvey

Dale is from Wheatland, WY

Artists Bio: Dale is a Wheat Farmer, Rail Road Track Foreman, and a Wonderful, Talented,

Artist. Dale lives on an isolated plateau in Wyoming. This is where he creates his art. He Creates,

in a Wodden Wheat Grainery that he has converted into a wood shop.

He drew cartoons for many years, and then found that he enjoyed carving into wood. I may add,

Dale has a wonderful imagination, and really brings his carvings to life.

Dales' Creations may be seen at:
When asked what inspires Dale to Create, his response was: "I see things in my mind or in the wood. I have always liked the looks of celtic design and the midevil times, have always caught my attention".

When asked, Why do you create, Dale responded, "I am creating this art because I enjoy the feel of the wood, how it shows me where to go. It is soothing meditation. There are hopes that my art will start selling after the economy gets better, so I can quit my regular job of 34 years, on the railroad. I want to do my own thing.

Dale hopes to open a wood carving shop where the front will be a Store and Gallery.